Get you questions answered by a professional car mechanic

Got a question you’d like to ask an expert car mechanic? We’ve tried to answer as many commonly asked questions as possible right here. If you have a question that’s not answered here, we’ll be happy to help. Call our Gold Coast workshop for bookings or to get a free quote on a service or repair.

Log Book Servicing

How much is a 140,000km service?

We really need to see your log book to give you an accurate and precise quote.

If I get my new car serviced with you will it void my warranty?

No, it won’t, because we follow the log book to the letter and always use genuine parts and the correct oil for your vehicle. We also stamp your log book.

Do you service Motorhomes?

Yes, we do. However, we are limited by the size of our door to access the workshop, so please give us a call to discuss.

Do you service Motorbikes?

No, we don’t however if you give us a call, we can help you locate someone that does.

Please note we do not service stretch limousines.

All Mechanical Repairs

We carry out most mechanical repairs on most makes and models.  Please give us a call for any enquiry.

Do you replace Timing Belts?

Yes, we do and we don’t just replace the Timing Belt we also replace the Cam and Crank Seals, Timing Belt Idler bearings and tensioner bearings, and also the timing belt tensioner.  We also tend to replace the water pump as it is behind the Timing Belt and will save you on labour costs replacing the Water pump at a later stage.

Do you work on American Cars?

Yes, we do!  We have been repairing servicing and repairing American cars for the last 27 years.


Can you replace the clutch on my Hilux 4WD?

Yes, we replace clutches and brakes on all vehicles including 4WD, work vans, and Utes.

Can you fix my Brakes as my steering wheel is shaking when I’m braking?

Yes, we can.  We have a brake rotor refacing machine on site.

Do you balance wheels?

Yes, we do. Does your steering wheel shake on normal driving or when braking?  If the steering wheel shakes on braking, then your discs rotors need refacing (machining).

Do you conduct Roadworthy Certificates to transfer from interstate or from a seller to a purchaser?

Yes, we do.  They take about an hour and you can wait whilst we do the inspection.  To make our job easier, it helps if you bring in your registration papers that have the engine number and VIN number.

How much is a Roadworthy?


Do you do RWC on Motorbikes?

No, we don’t however, if you give us a call, we can direct you to someone who can help you.

Do you do RWC on Motorhomes?

No, we don’t however if you give us a call, we can direct to you someone who can help you.

My 4WD is a Diesel, do you service them?

Yes, myself and all my staff drive diesel vehicles.

My 4WD won’t work can you fix this?

We have the latest scan tool which enables us to diagnose any computer fault.

I have a clunk when turning and a rattle when I go over a speed bump?

Most likely the cause of the problem is the sway bar links are failing.  We always drive the car with the customer to hear the fault and then we carry out an under-vehicle inspection to locate the issue.

When driving down the road, I can feel the car pulling to one way. Why is this?

There can be several different reasons for your vehicle to pull to one way.  Most of the time, you will find the wheel alignment will need re-setting however, tyres or camber of the road, can also cause this issue.

Do you sell tyres?

No, we don’t however we can organise new tyres for you whilst your vehicle is in here being serviced or alternatively you can give us a call and we can refer to you someone who can.

Motorhomes and Light Trucks

We do service most makes and models up to 4 ½ tonne in a motorhomes or light trucks.

Brands we use and Trust
  • Ryco Filters
  • Bendix Brakes
  • NGK Spark plugs
  • Castrol Oil
  • Super Charge Batteries
  • Bilstein shock absorbers
  • Monroe shock absorbers
  • Wylie shock absorbers
  • Bogue shock absorbers

We always use genuine parts for Log Book Servicing.